The opening of the third edition of the Hackathon

March the 1st, 2012

Hi everyone! Today officially starts the development of the second module of DAF-Collage, the exercises.

After a while, we have finished the vocabulary module, without tiny details that would be resolved during the third edition of the Hackathon Free Software at the University of Granada (that would be commented later on), the module is totally functional.

As for interested ones, they can download or install on their own moodle, to test it, modify or even, as for enthusiasts, to resolve or communicate possible errors or bugs, that exist for sure in every new project.

Another option for people who want check it out and do not have facilities, knowledge or time to install the module, is to try it on moodle destined for official use at the University of Malaga and the University of Malaga. You can encounter it on:

On this website, apart from proper classes of the subjects imparted at mentioned Universities, you can encounter a section of a public access to use the vocabulary module, named as a part of a Personal Digital Assistance. In public access is sufficient to register on the platform en enter the course.

And now, as I was commenting before, tomorrow starts the third Free Software Hackathon at the University of Granada. The event is organized by E.T.S Ingenieria Informatica y Telecomunicacion. It takes places from Friday morning, March the 2nd till Monday, the 5th. For more information consult the events on our web.

For the ones that do not know the Hackathon, it can be summed up in a few words.

It is an event, in which every interested person can participate as a volunteer, developing the project, presented during the weekend. Everyone can take part in the project, computer or programming knowledge are not indispensable. The development of the project doesn’t consist only of programming, but translating, page design, publicity, publishing information etc.

After saying all that, we encourage all of you to come to the third Hackathon. Even in it was only for curiosity and to see what the event functions like. Who knows, maybe finally everybody find something interesting enough to participate.


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  1. Lokführer dice:

    Wieso schreibt Ihr nicht das Blog auf Deutsch? Das wäre geil!


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